Life is all about balance for Tyler “The Entertainer” Vemb. Splitting his time between Calgary and Vancouver, the stand-up comic and breakdancer says he tries to strike a healthy mix between work, play and travel.

So when Vemb learned of a cannabis company paying testers to sample different strains pot, he said it seemed like “a perfect job” for his lifestyle.

“It at first didn’t seem real. Like, what? To sample cannabis seems like a dream job,” Vemb said of his new contract testing products by Toronto-based cannabis company A Higher Level Of Thought (AHLOT).

But getting the gig meant going head-to-head with some 25,000 applicants, all looking to land one of the kushy jobs.

AHLOT had originally planned for five cannabis connoisseur positions, but the deluge of applicants led the company to add three more slots to its Cannabis Cultivation Committee.

“From seeing the post online to being here … it’s been a very beautiful, exciting, dream-like journey,” Vemb said. “Sometimes I have to check myself like, ‘am I awake?’”

Samplers are paid $50 an hour to evaluate the effects of several AHLOT cannabis strains — including wellness, casual, creative — earning up to $1,000 per month during the year-long contract. Their evaluations will directly shape AHLOT’s sample packs with strains from a variety of producers.

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