Over the weekend, Cannabis enthusiasts from around the world took part in a March to protest ‘the new prohibition under the term legalization‘. The 21st edition of The Global Marijuana March took place at Queens Park in Toronto, additionally with other locations across Canada and the globe.

From Cannabis plants to yummy cereal, that you can only purchase in the States. This years event was a cozy one with vendors promoting their brand, sharing stories and laughs.

One patron was visiting from the UK and was excited to see the variety of products which included edibles, flowers, concentrates even clothing. He looks forward to legalization in his Country.

No cloud can put a damper on anyone’s spirit as they all came together for a peaceful event, filled with booths, entertainment and speeches. Many people wanted their voices heard and was speaking out on new laws that mistreat civilians and strip Canadians of their privacy.

Small businesses across Canada came together to fight for an equal opportunity in starting a business within the industry. Ontario should start the process in regulating permits for Craft Cannabis Stores (Licenses to allow cultivation, retail, distribution), and pave the way for the industry in treating everyone fair.

Toronto Police and Bi law officers attended the event, however they ensured their presence was for the safety of the community. Lets us hope that we can see less arrests, more pot pardons, and many more ventures to start a business and create job opportunities for all.