One out of 5 people in Canada’s population is foreign-born

Canada Day Weekend is here and many events to celebrate the nation’s birthday are planned across the Country.

Expect Canada Day celebrations to be ‘up in smoke’ as cannabis is now legal. This year Canada turns 152 years young and as Canadians come together to celebrate unity, and national pride, let us take a moment to remember what makes this Country the best place to live on the entire planet.

Canada is a multicultural society whose ethnocultural make-up has been shaped over time by immigrants and their descendants. Each new wave of immigration has added to the nation’s ethnic and cultural identity. Canada has the highest proportion of foreign-born citizens.

Many Canadians take pride in the Countries Universal Health Care program. No matter what class, or job you have, everyone in Canada gets treated equally and uses the same system. A major pitch for the next Federal election is national drug coverage which will make the Health Care System, one of the best in the developed world.

photo credit: Fox sports

The Raptor’s a Toronto based basketball team won the NBA Championship and the city had a turn out of over 2.5 million fans coming together for national pride and to celebrate the NBA Championship win.

Mount Waddington

Most importantly, why Canadians are in love with this epic Country is, not for its beautiful freshwater lakes, or monstrous mountains but for the opportunities, we all have in education and the freedom we have.

Together, Canadians made a change, and the battle was won for recreational cannabis, but the battle is not over yet, as there are many regulations in the current systems that require an update.

This Canada day, find someone new to share a toke with, let us all come together and be thankful for all we have. Happy 152nd Birthday Canada and puff puff pass!