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Elderberry: This unique formula combines the pain-relieving, healing and sleep-aiding benefits of Cannabis, with the natural cold and flu-fighting abilities of Elderberry and Echinacea to create this powerful immune-boosting elixir.
Passion: Aphrodisiac formula to naturally enhance the sexual experience and improve male blood flow.  Passion infuses 15 exotic herbs renown for their sexually healing benefits with raw Cacao, Kava Kava and Cannabis to reduce inhibitions, relax the body and stimulate mood.
Breathe: Formulated for smokers and people with breathing issues.  This healing elixir uses Cannabis and 19 specific medicinal botanicals to naturally help clear respiratory airways, repair lung tissue, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.
Femme: This elixir uses concentrated gemmotherapies and botanicals like Chaste Tree, Black Cohosh and Don Quai Root to naturally aid menstrual and menopausal symptoms, hormonal balance, and sweetened with iron replenishing Blackstrap Molasses.


Do not open product until you have reached your destination
Do not smoke product in parking lot and or near any public buildings.
Never under any circumstances use Cannabis with any other person(s) under the legal age set by your province or territory
Do NOT redistribute your Cannabis
Do NOT operate heavy equipment

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Dragon Elixir

Elderberry, Passion, Breathe, Femme, Remedium


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