Imagine a bike tour that takes you to different craft cannabis growers who show you how they cultivate their plants from seed to buds. 

Or a two-day mom’s marijuana getaway, where you and your girlfriends pay a set fee that includes a hotel room, a massage with cannabis-infused oil, some edibles and a gourmet meal.

“Canada has a unique opportunity to invite the world to see how cannabis is made.”
– David Coletto, CEO, Abacus Data

There’s a large, untapped cannabis tourism market that could cater to everyone from stressed-out parents to first-time users to seasoned consumers, says a market research analyst.

And he suggests tourism companies should act quickly, but cautiously, as Canada continues to figure out how to capitalize on legalized marijuana. 

“Think of what a vacation is — it’s a time to vacate your life. And you want to do something that you wouldn’t do in your everyday life,” said David Coletto, the CEO of Ottawa-based Abacus Data. 

“Ontario’s rules are less restrictive than rules in B.C. or Quebec, where you can’t smoke outside for example. It’s something to consider.” 

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Kate Dubinski · CBC News

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